Natural Gas and propanbutan


A.En. Gas a.s.

The company A.EN. Gas, operates on the Slovak market as a business partner which has been supplying medium-sized and small businesses with electricity and natural gas since 2010. At present, the company provides gas supplies to its customes in the total volume of more than 60,000 MWh per year.

A.EN. Gas’s aim is to strenghthen its existing and stable and competitive position of a flexible, reliable and responsible business partner on the energy market, to provide secure supplies of natural gas, including high-quality and comprehensive, made-to-measure services for customers who are looked after by an efficient team of professionals who provide an individual approach with the utmost interest in fulfilling the client’s needs and requirements.

A.EN. Gas’s priority is to provide for their gas consumers:

The most favourable prices.

Transparent contractual relationships.

The completion of all administrative tasks.

Professional consultancy services.

An individual approach of our trained staff.

P R O B U G A S a. s.

The joint-stock company Probugas, the largest supplier of propane and propane butane on the Slovak market since 1991, became part of A.EN Group in the beginning of June 2014. Its headquarters are situated in Bratislava, with additional places of business based in Martin and Haniska pri Košiciach. The company also owns a re-pumping station in Čierna nad Tisou. Furthermore, Probugas is one of the founding members of the Association of LPG Companies.

Probugas’s priority is to offer secure and quality products with a swift and problem-free distribution. The company distributes propane and propane-butane to households, companies and LPG gas stations in cylinders or bulks,  which enables a wide variety of uses, such as heating, water heating, cooking, drying, barbecuing, other technological processes and, finally, fuelling cars and fork-lift trucks.

The reliability of supplies is guaranteed thanks to the diversified sources of LPG purchase and the company owns a re-pumping station which enables the pumping of LPG from the Russian Federation. The company also takes pride in the high level of its services - it regularly introduces innovative solutions for improving customer services and systematically and thoroughly raises public awareness about the safe manipulation with gas and about the eco-friendliness of propane.

Probugas, with its vision of becoming the Central European leader on the LPG market, intends to continue to provide quality services and supplying quality gas, but most importantly to adhere to all rules for conducting business in accordance with the valid legislation. The company continually makes investments and searches for new uses of LPG since it believes that propane as a fuel is an ecologically clean and promising source of energy.

Interesting numbers

Subsidiary A.En. Gas, Inc. established

Company PROBUGAS, a.s. acquired